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What is Mental Performance Coaching?

Mental Performance Coaching is different from other forms of coaching. It is about developing your mindset. All of our coaches have extensive experience in human performance. They can be trusted in really listening to what is important to you and then guiding you towards your goals. 

They will specifically identify how your mind influences performance and how to apply specific mental strategies to perform at your best in competition. Executing the right mental skills at the right time teaches you how to adapt quickly to the challenges you face in competition. 

You will learn how to prepare for competition and transfer practice skill successfully in competition.  Learning to trust your training will fuel your confidence as you continue to mature as a competitor. All of these skills learned can be applied in the classroom, relationships and all areas of life. It is important for our athletes to become highly functioning individuals outside of sport as well. 

Ultimately, we are committed to your success, so you can enjoy competing!

The right coaching makes
a huge difference

Highly qualified

Our coaches are professionally trained and hand selected with extensive backgrounds in high level performance.


We challenge your beliefs and develop the skills to become a leader.

Ongoing support

We got your back through the highs and lows of personal growth.

Carefully matched

Our system will connect you with vetted coaches you can trust for a piece of mind.

Proven strategies

Scientific tools to promote well being, experience joy in competition, and nurture a growth mindset.

Customized coaching plans to pivot faster

Connect anytime

On-demand live chatting to ask and answer questions with your personal performance coach.

Convenient scheduling

Connect with your coach using personal live 1:1 video sessions when it fits into your schedule.

Flexible payment options

You have the ability to connect with your coach based on your level of need and goals.

Data driven results

Ongoing assessments provide immediate feedback to identify key areas of strength, so each athlete can improve faster.

Change coaches

While all of our coaches are amazing, you have the option to change your coach any time.


Coaching is designed to focus on personal growth, while therapy tends to assist people in working through more intensive mental challenges. 

You will connect in your first 30 minute live video session(phone or computer) and will get to know one another and explain how coaching can help you achieve your goals. In following sessions(depending on plan), your coach will guide you every step of the way toward creating a personal road map for success. 

The quality of ONDEKs Coaches is very important to us. Our coaches have extensive experience in addition to earning a degree in their respective field(s).We also require  every coach to pass a background check, ensuring that ONDEK provides the best experience for anyone participating in our coaching plans.

Mental coaching can help if you:

  • Perform inconsistently in competition.
  • Lose self-confidence.
  • Become distracted easily.
  • Get upset easily after mistakes.
  • Feel tight or anxious in competition.
  • Can’t have fun or enjoy sports.
  • Can’t take your skills to competition.
  • Perform “safe” or tentatively.
  • Have a fear of making mistakes.
  • Worry too much about what others think.

Mental Performance Coaching can also help teams and coaches by enhancing confidence and self esteem, improving focus, helping athletes move on from mistakes, addressing social approval, and so much more!

Each athlete will receive a different experience when working with our Mental Performance Coach because not all athletes experience the same performance barriers. Results vary from athlete to athlete and depend on the athlete’s desire to improve their mental game skills, ability to apply the strategies to practice or games, and the willingness to overcome the mental barriers that get in the way of their performance success.

We only offer weekly coaching plans. The coach will assist you in mapping out the appropriate weekly intervals. 

We are so confident in the quality of our coaches that we stand behind them with our 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy, for any reason, we will allow you to select another Pro Performance Coach. If you do not find a coach that meets your needs then we will issue a full refund.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances occur, so it is recommended to immediately contact your coach to reschedule. 


While all of our Pro Performance Coaches are trained to work with any athlete, maybe there is something specific about their background that really stands out to you. Maybe it is where they are from, went to college or what they’ve accomplished. No matter what, you can’t go wrong because they are all great!


Again, while all of our Pro Performance Coaches can work with any athlete in his/her sport, some coaches have specific training and experience in certain sports. This may give them a little more insight into some of the technical aspects of your sport, which can be beneficial in certain circumstances; however, all of our coaches will be able to provide the direction you need, as well as assisting you in making the necessary adjustments for any transition to the next level of performance.

Get Matched with a Coach in Minutes

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