A Personal Note About Our Mission

Since 2000, I dreamed of one day creating a company that would allow athletes striving to reach their full potential access to the best professional mindset coaching in the country. Our Pro Performance Coaches™ have been hand selected with the knowledge, experience and expertise in sport psychology and human performance who can guide you through a training system that merges art and science. Basically, understanding the pathway to develop the mental skill set to think and compete like a world-class athlete. Well, the time has arrived!

As a former competitive Division I wrestler for West Virginia University, it was not until late in my college career that I took the leap to step outside my comfort zone. Finally, I sought the expertise of a sport psychologist trained to walk me through the process of maximizing my potential as an elite competitor. WOW! What a difference it made immediately in my thinking and how I viewed competition. My performance sky-rocketed.

With all of this in mind, and the many advances in science and technology, ONDEK ™ was created to bring the best professional mindset coaches to you in the palm of your hand ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! To think like a world-class athlete and perform without pressure is a reality for anyone and no longer just accessible to Olympic and professional athletes.

This is the first professional mindset coaching system of its kind and is delivered entirely through our mobile application. You will connect with our Pro Performance Coaches™using live coaching video sessions to access their support and expertise. We know you invest a lot of time and money attending camps, clubs, strength training facilities and travel programs, so we want to maximize everything and develop a mindset that pulls it all together. This is a very proactive approach and is about preparing for anything that comes your way.

The dreams you have deep inside your heart truly matter. They deserve to be realized. And, now you have access to a highly specialized program and system of professional coaches that will hold you accountable and accelerate your performance to the next level.

Our Pro Performance Coaches™ are waiting to connect with you. It is our mission to inspire, educate and develop competitors all over the world. Our pursuit will not end until ONDEK™ is in the hands of every athlete who desires to be their best.

You are capable of achieving more than you realize and this will be one of the best investments you will ever make. It’s time to take the leap!


With gratitude,
Pro Performance Coach Frable


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